Author: Adolf Hitler

Year: 1928

Source: Hitler's Second Book (Weinberg), pp. 219-224

Hitler on Jews - From Zweites Buch

The war against Germany was waged by a most powerful international coalition in which only some of the states could have had a direct interest in the destruction of Germany. In more than a few countries, the transition to war took place through influences that did not in any way arise from—or even could benefit—the true intrinsic interests of these peoples. An enormous war propaganda campaign began to cloud the public opinion of these peoples and excite them for a war that could bring no advantage to some of these peoples, and sometimes ran completely contrary to their true interests.

The power that initiated this enormous war propaganda campaign was international Jewry. Because although participation in the war—viewed from the standpoint of their own interests—may have been pointless for some of these nations, it was perfectly sensible and logical from the viewpoint of the interests of international Jewry.

It is not my task here to provide a treatise on the Jewish question itself. This cannot be done within the scope of such a short, necessarily concise presentation. Only [so much] the following is to be said here, in the interests of better understanding:

The Jews, although they are a people whose core is not entirely uniform in terms of race, are nevertheless a people with certain essential particularities that distinguish it from all other peoples living on the earth. Judaism is not a religious community; rather, the religious ties between the Jews are in reality the current national constitution of the Jewish people. The Jew has never had his own territorially defined state like the Aryan states. Nonetheless, his religious community is a real state because it ensures the preservation, propagation, and future of the Jewish people. But this is the job of the state alone. The fact that no territorial boundaries underlie the Jewish state—as is the case with Aryan states —is associated with the fact that the essence of the Jewish people lacks the productive forces to build and sustain a territorial state.

Just as every people possesses, as the basic tendency of all its earthly actions has the obsession with preserving itself as its driving force, the same is true of the Jews. But here the struggle for survival takes various forms, corresponding to the entirely different natures of the Aryan peoples and the Jews. The basis of the Aryans' struggle for survival is the land, which is cultivated by them and which now provides the general basis for an economy that, in an internal cycle, satisfies their own requirements through the productive forces of their own people.

The Jewish people, because of its lack of productive capabilities, cannot carry out the territorially conceived formation of a state; instead, it needs the labor and creative activities of other nations to support its own existence. The existence of the Jew himself thus becomes a parasitic existence within the life of other peoples. The ultimate goal of the Jewish struggle for survival is the enslavement of productively active peoples. To reach this goal—which, in reality, the Jews' struggle for survival has represented throughout the ages—the Jew uses every weapon that is in accordance with the entirety of his character.

In terms of domestic policy, he fights within the individual peoples first for equality and then for superiority. Weapons assisting him in this are the attributes of shrewdness, cleverness, cunning, disguise, and so on, which are rooted in the character of his people. They are stratagems in his fight to preserve life, just like the stratagems of other peoples in military conflict.

In terms of foreign policy, he attempts to get the peoples into restlessness, divert them from their true interests, hurl them into wars with one another, and thus gradually—with the help of the power of money and propaganda—become their masters.

His ultimate aim is the denationalization and chaotic bastardization of the other peoples, the lowering of the racial level of the highest, and domination over this racial mush through the eradication of these peoples' intelligentsias and their replacement with the members of his own people.

The Jewish international struggle will therefore always end in bloody Bolshevization—that is to say, in truth, the destruction of the intellectual upper classes associated with the various peoples, so that he himself will be able to rise to mastery over the now leaderless humanity.

In this process, stupidity, cowardice, and wickedness play into his hands. Bastards provide him the first opening to break into a foreign ethnic community.

Jewish domination always ends with the decline of all culture and ultimately of the insanity of the Jew himself. Because he is a parasite on the peoples, and his victory means his own end just as much as the death of his victim.

With the collapse of the ancient world, the Jew faced young, in some cases still untainted, peoples who were secure in their racial instincts and who refused to be infiltrated by him. He was a stranger, and all his lies and disguises availed him little for nearly fifteen hundred years.

It was feudal rule and the princely regimes that first created the general situation that allowed him to join the struggle of an oppressed social class—yes, in a short time he made it his own. With the French Revolution he achieved equal civil rights. That built the bridge he could now stride across to capture political power within the ethnic communities.

The nineteenth century gives him a dominant position within the peoples' economy, due to the expansion of capital loans, founded on the concept of interest. Via the detour of stock, he finally obtains possession of a large portion of the production facilities, and with the help of the stock exchange he gradually becomes ruler not only of public economic life but ultimately also political life. He supports this domination with the intellectual degradation of the peoples, assisted by Freemasonry and the work of the press which has become dependent upon him. He discovers in the newly rising fourth estate of the working class the potential force to destroy the bourgeois intellectual regime, just as the bourgeoisie was once the instrument to shatter feudal rule. Bourgeois stupidity, a shocking lack of principle, greed, and cowardice play into his hands in this. He formed the laborers' occupation into a special class, which he now asks to take up the fight against the national intelligentsia. Marxism becomes the intellectual father of the Bolshevik Revolution. It is the weapon of terror that the Jew now applies ruthlessly and brutally.

Around the turn of the century, the Jew's economic conquest of Europe is fairly complete; he now begins with securing it politically. That is to say, the first attempts to eradicate the national intelligentsia are undertaken in the form of revolutions.

He uses the European peoples' tension—most of which is attributable to their general need for space and the consequences that arise from it—to his advantage by systematically agitating for world war.

The goal is the destruction of inherently anti-Semitic Russia as well as the destruction of the German Reich, whose administration and army still provide resistance to the Jews. A further goal is the overthrow of those dynasties that have not yet been made subordinate to a Jewish-dependent and led democracy.

This goal in the Jewish struggle has at least to some degree been completely achieved. Czarism and Kaiserism [sic] in Germany have been eliminated. With the help of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian upper class and also the national intelligentsia were—with inhuman torture and barbarity—murdered and completely eradicated. The victims of this Jewish fight for dominance in Russia totaled twenty-eight to thirty million dead among the Russian people. Fifteen times as many as the Great War cost Germany. After the successful Revolution he [further] tore away all the ties of orderliness, morality, custom, and so on, abolished marriage as a higher institution, and proclaimed in its place universal licentiousness with the goal that through disorderly bastardy, to breed a generally inferior human mush which itself is incapable of leadership and ultimately will no longer be able to do without the Jews as its only intellectual element.

Only the future will tell to what extent this has succeeded and to what extent the natural forces of reaction will now be able to bring about a change in this most terrible crime of all time against humanity.

At the moment he is attempting to steer the remaining states into the same situation. He is supported in his efforts and activities and backed by the bourgeois nationalist parties of the so-called nationalist patriotic associations, while the Marxists, the Democrats, and the so-called Christian Center appear as offensive combat troops.

The fiercest struggle over the victory of the Jews is currently taking place in Germany. Here it is the National Socialist movement alone that has taken up the fight against this execrable crime against humanity.

In all European states, the struggle for political power is currently being fought out—in some cases quietly, in some cases more violently—albeit often only under cover.

As in Russia, this struggle has now also been decided in France. There the Jew, benefiting from a number of circumstances, has entered into a joint venture with French national chauvinism. The Jewish stock exchange and French bayonets have since been allies.

The fight has not yet been decided in England. There the Jewish invasion is still confronted by old British tradition. The instincts of the Anglo-Saxons are still so acute and alive that one cannot speak of a complete Jewish victory; instead, the Jew is in some ways forced to adapt his own interests to those of the English.

If the Jew prevails in England, then English interests will recede into the background, just as in Germany today it is no longer German but Jewish interests that dominate. If the British prevail, however, then a change in England's attitude toward Germany can still take place.

The struggle over Jewish dominance has been decided in Italy as well. In Italy, with the victory of fascism, the Italian people have won. Even though the Jew is forced to attempt to adapt himself to fascism in Italy today, his attitude toward fascism outside Italy reveals his real conception of it. Since that memorable day when the fascist legions moved to Rome, only Italy's own national interest has been dominant and decisive for the fate of the nation.

For this reason, no other state is as well suited as Italy to be an ally of Germany. The fathomless stupidity and underhanded baseness of our so-called ethnic nationalists are reflected in the fact that they reject the only state that is governed nationalistically today and instead would rather, as true ethnic German nationalists, enter into an international coalition with the Jews. It is fortunate that these fools' time in Germany is ended, and that thus the term deutschvölkisch (ethnic German nationalism) can be released from the entanglement of these petty and pitiful creatures. The term will gain infinitely from that.