Author: Adolf Hitler

Year: 1945

Source: National Archives


Certificate of Marriage Between Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

The Mayor
of the Capital of the Reich

Before Walter Wagner, City Councillor, as the appointed Registrar of the Capital of the Reich appeared, for the purpose of joining in marriage.

1. Adolf Hitler.
Born 20 April 1889 at Braunau
Residence: Berlin, Reich Chancellory
Marriage of the parents
Identified by: Personally known

2. Miss Eva Braun
Born on the 6th of February 1910 in Munich, Wasserburgerst No. 8
Residence: Munich Wasserburgerst No. 12
Father: Friedrich Braun
Mother: Franciska Braun, Nee Dronburger
Marriage of the parents
Identified by: Special identity card dated 4 April 39 issued by the Chief of the German Police.

Witness: Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels, Joseph
Born 26 October 1897 Rheydt
Residence: Berlin, Hermann Goeringst 20
Identified by: Personally known

Witness: Reichs Leiter Martin Bormann
Born 17 June 1900 in Halberstadt
Residence: Obersalzberg
Identified by: Personally known

The persons mentioned under 1 and 2 state that they are of pure Aryan descent and that they are not infected with inheritable diseases which would exclude them from marriage. Considering the war situation and the special circumstances they apply for marriage under special war time laws. They also ask to accept an oral publication of the bans and to disregard all legal delays.

The application is accepted. The oral publication of the bans is checked. The findings are in order.

I come now to the ceremonial act of marriage.

In the presence of the witnesses mentioned under 3 and 4 I ask you,
My Fuehrer Adolf Hitler
Are you willing to take the
Miss Eva Braun
As your wife.
If you are, answer "I Do"
Now I ask you
Miss Eva Braun
Are you willing to take
Our Fuehrer Adolf Hitler
As your husband
If you are, answer "I Do"

Since both newly weds have stated their intentions, I declare this marriage as legal before the law.

Berlin, 29 April 1945

Read and Signed:

1) Husband: (Signed) Adolf Hitler