Author: Hermann Goedsche

Year: 1868

Source: The Rabbi's Speech" from a chapter "In the Jewish Cemetery in Prague" from a novel Biarritz (1868). Quoted in "The Jew in Modern World" (3rd edition)

The Rabbi's Speech: The Promise Of World Domination

Our fathers have bequeathed to the elect of Israel the duty of gathering together once each century around the tomb of the Grand Master Caleb, the holy rabbi Simeon ben Jehuda, whose knowledge gives the elect of each generation power over all the earth and authority over all the descendants of Israel.

For eighteen centuries Israel has been at war with that power which was first promised to Abraham but which was taken from him by the Cross. Trampled underfoot, humiliated by its enemies, living ceaselessly under the threat of death, of persecution, of rape, and of every kind of violation, the people of Israel has not succumbed; and if it is dispersed over the whole earth, that is because it is to inherit the whole earth.

For eighteen centuries our wise men have been fighting the Cross courageously and with a perseverance which nothing can discourage. Gradually our people is rising up and its power increases day by day. Ours is that God of today whom Aaron raised up for us in the desert, that Golden Calf, that universal deity of the age.

The day when we shall have made ourselves the sole possessors of all the gold in the world, the real power will be in our hands, and then the promises which were made to Abraham will be fulfilled.

Gold, the greatest power on earth... gold, which is the strength, the recompense, the instrument of every power.. .the sum of everything that man fears and craves... there is the only mystery, the deepest understanding of the spirit that rules the world. There is the future!

Eighteen centuries belonged to our enemies; the present century and future centuries must belong to us, the people of Israel, and they surely will belong to us.

Now for the tenth time, in a thousand years of terrible and ceaseless war against our enemies, the elect of a given generation of the people of Israel are gathered in this cemetery, around the tomb of our Grand Master Caleb, the holy rabbi Simeon ben Jehuda, to take counsel as to how to turn to the advantage of our cause the great errors and sins which our enemies the Christians never cease to commit.

Each time the new Sanhedrin has proclaimed and preached a merciless struggle against the enemies; but in no earlier century were our ancestors able to concentrate in our hands so much gold, and therefore so much power, as the nineteenth century has bestowed on us. We can therefore expect, without any rash illusions, to achieve our aim soon, and we can look with confidence to our future.

Most fortunately, the persecution and the humiliations, those dark and painful days which the people of Israel endured with such heroic patience, are no more with us, thanks to the progress of civilization among the Christians, and that progress is the best shield for us to hide and act behind, so as to cross with firm and rapid strides the space that separates us from our supreme objective.

Let us just look at the material condition of Europe, let us analyse the resources which the Jews have got into their possession since the beginning of the present century simply by concentrating in their hands the huge amount of capital which they control at this moment. Thus, in Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rome, Naples, etc., and in all the Rothschild branches, everywhere the Jews are the financial masters, simply by possession of so many billions; not to mention that in every town of second or third magnitude it is the Jews who control the currency in circulation, and that nowhere can any financial operation, any major undertaking be carried through without the direct influence of the children of Israel.

Today all reigning emperors, kings, and princes are burdened with debts contracted in keeping up large standing armies to support their toppling thrones. The stock exchange assesses and regulates those debts, and to a great extent we are masters of the stock exchange everywhere. We must therefore study how to encourage borrowing more and more, so as to make ourselves the regulators of all values and, as security for the capital we lend to countries, take the right to exploit their railways, their mines, their forests, their great ironworks and factories, and other kinds of real estate, even their taxes.

In every country agriculture will always be the greatest source of wealth. The possession of large landed property will always bring honours and much influence to the owners. From this it follows that we must concentrate on ensuring that our Jewish brothers acquire landed property on a large scale. So far as possible we must therefore encourage the splitting-up of large estates, so as to help us acquire it more quickly and more easily.

Under the pretext of helping the working classes, we must place the weight of taxation on the great landed proprietors, and when all properties have come into our hands, all the work of the Gentile proletarians will become a source of huge profits for us.

Since the Christian Church is one of our most dangerous enemies, we must work doggedly to diminish its influence; so far as possible; therefore, we must implant in the minds of those who profess the Christian religion the ideas of free thought, of skepticism, of schism, and provoke the religious disputes which are so naturally productive of divisions and sects within Christendom.

Logically, we must begin by disparaging the ministers of that religion. Let us declare open war on them, let us rouse suspicions about their piety, about their private conduct. So, by ridicule and malicious banter, we shall undermine the respect in which the profession and the cloth are held.

Each war, each revolution, each political or religious upheaval brings nearer the moment when we shall attain the supreme aim of our journey.

Trade and speculation, two branches so fertile in profits, must never leave Jewish hands, and once we have become proprietors we shall be able, thanks to the obsequiousness and the shrewdness of our agents, to penetrate to the first source of real influence and real power. It is understood that we are concerned only with those occupations which bring honours, power, or privileges, for those which demand knowledge, work, and inconvenience can and must be left to the Gentiles. The magistrature is for us an institution of the first importance. A career at the bar does most to develop the faculty of civilization and to initiate one into the affairs of our natural enemies, the Christians, and it is in this way that we can get them at our mercy. Why should Jews not become ministers of Education, when they have so often had the portfolio of Finance? Jews must also aspire to the rank of legislators, so that they can work to abrogate the laws which those sinners and infidels, the goyim, have made against the children of Israel, who by their unvarying devotion to the laws of Abraham are the truly faithful. But what must be obtained, what must be the object of our ceaseless efforts, is that the law against bankruptcy should be made less severe. Out of that we shall make ourselves a mine of gold which will be far richer than the mines of California ever were.

The people of Israel must direct its ambition towards that height of power which brings esteem and honours. The surest means of attaining it is to have supreme control over all industrial, financial, and commercial operations, while carefully avoiding every trap and temptation which might expose one to legal proceedings in the country's courts. In its choice of speculation the children of Israel will therefore display the prudence and tact which are the mark of its congenital talent for business.

We must be familiar with everything that earns one a distinguished position in society: philosophy, medicine, law, political economy. In a word all the branches of science, of art, of literature, are a vast field where our successes must give us a big part and show off our talent.

These vocations are inseparable from speculation. Thus the performance even of a very mediocre musical composition will give our people a plausible excuse to put the Jewish composer on a pedestal and surround him with a radiance of glory. As for the sciences, medicine and philosophy, they too must be incorporated into our intellectual domain.

A doctor is initiated into the most intimate secrets of the family. The health and life of our mortal enemies, the Christians, are in his hands.

We must encourage marriages between Jews and Christians, for the people of Israel loses nothing by the contact and can only gain from these marriages. Our race, chosen by God, cannot be corrupted by the introduction of a certain amount of impure blood, and by these marriages our daughters will secure alliances with Christian families of some influence and power. It is right that, in exchange for the money we give, we should obtain the equivalent in influence over everything around us. To be related to Gentiles does not imply a departure from the path we have chosen to follow; on the contrary, with a little skill it will make us the arbiters of their fate.

It is desirable that Jews should refrain from taking women of our holy religion as their mistresses and that they should choose Christian virgins for that role. It would be a great gain for us to replace the sacrament of marriage in church by a simple contract before some civil authority, for then Gentile women would stream into our camp!

If gold is the first power in this world, the second is undeniably the press. But what can the second achieve without the first? As the aims listed above cannot be attained without the help of the press, our people must become the editors of all daily newspapers in all countries. Our possession of gold, our skill in devising means of exploiting mercenary instincts, will make us the arbiters of public opinion and enable us to dominate the masses.

So advancing step by step in this path, with that perseverance which is our great virtue, we will push the Gentiles back and undo their influence. We shall dictate to the world what it is to have faith, what it is to honour, and what it is to curse. Perhaps some individuals will rise up against us and will hurl insults and anathemas against us, but the docile and ignorant masses will listen to us and take our side. Once we are absolute masters of the press we will be able to transform ideas about honour, about virtue, about uprightness of character; we will be able to deal a blow against that institution which so far has been sacrosanct, the family, and we shall extirpate all belief and faith in everything that our enemies the Christians have venerated up to the present and, using the allurements of the passions as our weapon, we shall declare open war on everything that people respect and venerate.

Let all this be understood and noted, let every child of Israel absorb these true principles. Then our might will grow like a gigantic tree whose branches will bear the fruits called wealth, enjoyment, power, as compensation for that hideous condition which for long centuries has been the only lot of the people of Israel. When one of our people takes a step forward, let another follow him closely; if his foot slips, let him be picked up and succoured by his coreligionists. If a Jew is summoned before the courts of the country where he lives, let his brothers in religion hasten to give him aid and assistance; but only if the accused has acted in accordance with the Law of Israel, so strictly observed and kept for so many centuries!

Our people is conservative, faithful to the religious ceremonies and the customs bequeathed to us by our ancestors.

It is in our interest that we should at least make a show of zeal for the social questions of the moment, especially for improving the lot of the workers, but in reality our efforts must be geared to getting control of this movement of public opinion and directing it.

The blindness of the masses, their readiness to surrender to that resounding but empty eloquence that fills the public squares, make them an easy prey and a double instrument, of popularity and of credit. We will have no difficulty in finding as much eloquence among our people for the expression of false sentiments as Christians find in their sincerity and enthusiasm.

So far as possible we must talk to the proletariat, bring it into subjection to those who have the control of money. By this means we will be able to make the masses rise when we wish. We will drive them to upheavals, to revolutions; and each of these catastrophes marks a big step forward for our particular interests and brings us rapidly nearer to our sole aim—world domination as was promised to our father Abraham.