Quotes relating to Nazi Germany

This page serves as a collection of quotes relating to Nazi Germany from people who either participated in the activities of Third Reich during its reign, or people who observed it both during and afterwards.

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If I've got to die, I'd rather die as a martyr than a traitor. ... The time will come when the world will think differently about all this! Hermann Goering, Nuremberg trials
We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system! Gregor Strasser
We must take from the right nationalism without capitalism and from the left socialism without internationalism. Gregor Strasser
The worker in a capitalist state - and that is his deepest misfortune - is no longer a living human being, a creator, a maker.
He has become a machine. A number, a cog in the machine without sense or understanding. He is alienated from what he produces. Labor is for him only a way to survive, not a path to higher blessings, not a joy, not something in which to take pride, or satisfaction, or encouragement, or a way to build character. ...
We call ourselves a workers' party because we want to free labor from the chains of capitalism and Marxism. Joseph Goebbels, Those Damned Nazis
I felt, that in the mind of Hitler there was much of spiritual matters, transcending material plans. When I met the Führer he said that since boyhood he had been attracted by Japan. He read carefully reports of Japan's victory over Russia when he was only 17 years old and was impressed by Japan's astonishing strength. General Tomoyuki Yamashita. "World: Is Hitler Running Japan?". TIME 2 March 1942
In the second place, as long as Germany and Italy are under their present governments, they will not touch foreign loans, and Germany by her method of internal economy and trading has eliminated the international financier, and those who make profits by playing with foreign exchanges. That is doubtless why the government is being forced by the "City" to start a trade war with Germany. If the economic methods devised by Germany are successful, and spread to other nations, and if Hitler succeeds in his policy of establishing permanent peace in Europe, the high financier will cease to be able to exist. It is therefore their main interest today to plunge the four powers into war, in order to destroy Germany and Italy. Arthur Pillans Laurie. The Case for Germany (1939)
This world-wide appeal of Adolf Hitler shows sufficiently that, although in its modern form it originated in Germany—and could not possibly have originated anywhere else—the National Socialist doctrine transcends Germany. ... it is the everlasting truth about the laws of life and the evolution of human races, apprehended from the angle of the Nordic race. Savitri Devi. Gold in the Furnace
The SS saw the new Europe formed of three great components: central Europe as the power house of Europe, western Europe as the cultural heart of Europe, and eastern Europe as the potential of Europe. Thus the Europe envisioned by the SS was alive and real. Its six hundred million inhabitants would live from the North Sea to Vladivostok. It was in this span of 8,000 miles that Europe could achieve its destiny. It would be a space for young people to start new lives. This Europe would be the beacon of the world. It would be a remarkable racial ensemble. An ancient civilization, a spiritual force, and the most advanced technological and scientific complex. The SS prepared for the high destiny of Europe. Léon Degrelle. Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS
We look at our world as a product of the people. The Freemason looks at it as a product of conditions. ...
We don't acknowledge the brotherhood of people, only blood brotherhood. ... We want the freedom, not of herds, but of duty. We hate the slogan of equality. ... The struggle is the father of all things, equality is death. ... We are not democrats, we reject democracy absolutely. ... Democracy is Jewish, all democratic revolution is Jewish. ... We are aristocrats. Runen, no. 7 (21 July 1918); Rudolf von Sebottendorf
German racialism has been deliberately distorted. It never was an anti-"other race" racialism. It was a pro-German racialism. It was concerned with making the German race strong and healthy in every way. Hitler was not interested in having millions of degenerates, if it was in his power not to have them. Today one finds rampant alcohol and drug addiction everywhere. Hitler cared that the German families be healthy, cared that they raise healthy children for the renewal of a healthy nation. German racialism meant re-discovering the creative values of their own race, re-discovering their culture. It was a search for excellence, a noble idea. National Socialist racialism was not against the other races, it was for its own race. It aimed at defending and improving its race, and wished that all other races did the same for themselves. Léon Degrelle, Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS
I don't mean that it is important whether a few of us like Goering, myself, or the others are sentenced to death or hard labor or whatever, but to the German people we will always remain their leaders, right or wrong, and in a few years even you Americans and the rest of the world will see this trial as a mistake. The German people will learn to hate the Americans, distrust the British and French, and unfortunately, perhaps be taken in by the Russians. That will be the worst calamity of all. I hate to think of Moscow ruling Germany or Germany becoming a territorial possession of the Soviet Union. The Allies should take the attitude, now that the war is over, that mistakes have been made on both sides, that those of us here on trial are German patriots, and that though we may have been misled and gone too far with Hitler, we did it in good faith and as German citizens. Furthermore, the German people will always regard our condemnation by a foreign court as unjust and will consider us martyrs. Joachim von Ribbentrop. The Nuremberg Interviews
God protect Germany. God have mercy on my soul. My final wish is that Germany should recover her unity and that, for the sake of peace, there should be understanding between East and West. I wish peace to the world. Joachim von Ribbentrop, Foreign Minister of Nazi Germany. Final words before execution.
You in Germany lack the unity of faith. You must therefore bring out another unity, that of race, if you want to achieve anything. Rudolf von Sebottendorf, 1916
No people live longer than the documentation of their culture. Adolf Hitler
Germany wants Schleswig, and Britain does not want to cede it to her; Germany wants protective tariffs, and Britain wants free trade; Germany wants unity, and Britain wants to see her disunited; Germany wants to be independent, and Britain seeks to subjugate her industrially; Karl Marx, Neue Rheinische Zeitung of 1848
We want to achieve nothing for ourselves, but rather everything only for Germany, for we are mortal but Germany must live. Adolf Hitler
Man is nothing in himself. He is a personality only insofar as he is fitted intellectually and spiritually into an organic ancestral succession of thousands of generations. To strengthen and confirm this consciousness and hence cultivate the will, to allow others to inherit the experienced values, to fight for the whole - those things are the tasks of the state. Only by following this creed can we educate real citizens. To give a metaphysical foundation to our primordial feelings, to console the faulty and to strengthen the soul, those things must be the task of the churchman. Alfred Rosenberg
Individuals come and individuals die. The community that always rises from them, however, the nation, should be eternal. Adolf Hitler
German to us is everything that has happened in German history, that has German blood in it, and that speaks the German language. Konrad Henlein


After visiting these places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.
He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made. John F. Kennedy
German people - and very few alive that remember even the war, and certainly none of them who were adults and participating in any way - and they have a feeling, and a guilt feeling that's been imposed upon them, and I just think it's unnecessary. Ronald Reagan
Hitler was right about almost everything. Stanley Kubrick, from his biography Eyes Wide Open
This is surely the secret of the perpetual hold religions have on men, and it explains Adolf Hitler's magic influence. To exhort men to commercial and industrial prosperity is not enough. To stimulate them to make good in individual enterprise, in profit-making, in self-help, ultimately leaves the best elements of the nation cold - not merely cold, but fractious, restless, mutually negative and given to petty criticism and fault-finding. In fact, it creates the populace which is typical of modern democratic politics, and makes possible every kind of large-scale fraud, from a general election to the vast advertisement hoardings of a city like London.
The religious appeal, however, by giving men a higher, impersonal purpose, sets humanity at one stroke above the market-place, above considerations of merely individual gain, with all that these mean in internecine and suicidal struggle. And to have given his nation such a purpose, to have persuaded them that such a purpose can be worthwhile, is the secret of the Fuehrer's magic. To my mind, this constitutes his chief importance to the German nation. Anthony M. Ludovici, Hitler and the Third Reich
National Socialism would rise again because it is true to cosmic reality and that which is true does not pass. Savitri Devi, The Lightning and the Sun
What we are experiencing today is anti-German racism. All the nations of the world can feel free to insult the Germans, and sometimes I wonder if we aren't completely crazy, that we do not dare to defend ourselves. Monika Maron
We painted Hitler as a monster, a devil. And that's why we could not move away from that portrayal after the war. We had mobilized the masses against the devil incarnate. And so we were forced to continue in this satanic scenario after the war. We could not possibly have explained to our people that the war had actually been only a preventative economic measure. James Baker, US Secretary of State, Der Spiegel 1992
I am not worthy to speak loudly of Adolf Hitler, nor do his life and deeds call for sentimental arousal.
He was a warrior, a warrior for mankind and a herald of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reformer of the highest order, and his historical fate was that he lived in a time of unequalled cruelty, which in the end brought him down.
Thus may the ordinary Western European look upon Adolf Hitler. And we, his faithful followers, now bow our heads upon his death. Knut Hamsun, Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize-winner. Aftenposten, 7 May 1945
The stuff in the papers about fraternization is all wet... All that sort of writing is done by Jews to get revenge. Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It's a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans. So do our cousins [the British]. George S. Patton. Senior officer of the United States Army. In a letter to his wife on August 31, 1945
Another point which the press harped on was the fact that we were doing too much for the Germans to the detriment of the DP's [Displaced persons], most of whom are Jews. I could not give the answer to that one because the answer is that in my opinion and that of most non-political officers, it is vitally necessary for us to build Germany up now as a buffer state against Russia. In fact, I am afraid we have waited too long. If we let Germany and the German people be completely disintegrated and starved, they will certainly fall for Communism and the fall of Germany for Communism will write the epitaph of Democracy in the United States.
The more I see of people I regret that I survived the war. George S. Patton. In his diary.
I will probably be in the headlines before you get this, as the press is trying to quote me as being more interested in restoring order in Germany than in catching Nazis. I can't tell them the truth that unless we restore Germany we will insure that communism takes America. George S. Patton. In a letter to his wife on September 22, 1945