Hugo Jaeger - Hitler

Hugo Jaeger was one of Hitler's personal photographers who has been granted special access to Third Reich and Hitler's personal space. He is famous for being one of few photographers from that time period who used color photograph, which makes people assume that these photos have been "colorized" from black and white originals, when in reality these ARE the originals. In 1965, Jaeger sold his entire 2000+ photo collection to LIFE Magazine.

At one point all of the photographs he has taken could be found on, but since then their website has been restructed in such way that you could only view a few of them at a time. Most of Hugo Jaeger's stuff can still be viewed on Google's LIFE photo archive here:
and from Getty Images here:

Below you will find about a 100 photos which in my opinion were some of the best and most worthy of inclusion. The entire Jaeger's photo collection that once appeared on LIFE archives, has been saved by me before it disappeared. I do know if that archive contains ALL of the pictures Hugo Jaeger has sold to LIFE, but it has been mentioned in more than one place that he sold around 2,000 photos, and here I have exactly 1,942. So that must be a great majority of them. You can download it off of any torrent site if you just do a search for "". Or download it directly from our own site here:!NZokyBKZ!ocNyjPq8mtxT2JR5xBG3iMXtuJ9HQUTo4BNWG1cwjEI
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Other photographs from Nazi Germany can be found in Heinrich Hoffman's archive - who was Adolf Hitler's official photographer. Some of those pictures can be seen here:

Somebody once asked me what had attracted me to National Socialism. I replied without a shadow of hesitation: "Its beauty."

Savitri Devi, Gold in the Furnace

One day I will be able to demand from history confirmation of the fact that at no time in the course of my struggle on behalf of the German Volk did I forget the duties I myself and all of us are obligated to assume toward maintaining European culture and civilization.

Adolf Hitler