Countries with the largest white or European descent populations

How many Europeans are there on this planet?. Official data in scarce or out of date. The purpose of this project is to estimate white population numbers around the world - in every country where they have settled in significant enough numbers.

Number of European people on this planet: 902,111,423.
Comprising around 12% of the planet's population.


Country Ethnic Groups European population % of Total Notes
Albania Albanians: 82.58% 2,600,000 94% From 2011 Census: Wikipedia
15% did not declare their ethnicity. We assume a third of those are non-European.
Australia English 36.1%
Australian 35.4%
Irish 10.4%
Scottish 8.9%
Italian 4.6%
(Ancestry only; can choose up to two)
20,000,000 87% Since 1976, Australia's census does not ask for racial background.
On the 2011 Census, people were allowed to choose up to two ancestries. 32% of them reported two ancestries.
A Wikipedia entry, citing three sources, estimates the number of European Australians in 2011 between 85-90%.
Belarus Belarusians 83.7%
Russians 8.3%
Poles 3.1%
Ukrainians 1.7%
9,195,608 99% 2009: Demographics of Belarus - Wikipedia
Belgium No official data 9,000,000 80% Data from 2012: Demographics of Belgium - Wikipedia
Out of those 75% who have no "foreign background" (not sure how Belgium defines it), we assume that ~90% of them are of European descent.
Of those with foreign background, around half were from another EU-state. We assume they are all of European descent.
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosniaks: 48.4%
Serbs 32.7%
Croats 14.6%
3,750,000 99% Data from 2013: Wikipedia
Largest non-European minority are Roma people who constitute less than 1% of total population
Bulgaria Bulgarians 76.9-84.8% 6,000,000 86% 2011 Census Demographics of Bulgaria - Wikipedia
Over 10% of population did not state their ethnicity.
Canada Not a visible minority: 80.9% 26,587,575 80.9% Census 2011
"Visible minorities" in Canada are defined as "persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour." Visible Minority Population and Population Group Reference Guide
Croatia Croats 90.42%
Serbs 4.36%
4,100,000 98% 2011 Census: Demographics of Croatia - Wikipedia
Czech Republic Czechs 63.7%
Moravians 4.9%
Others/undeclared 26%
10,000,000 97% 2011 Census: Demographics of Czech Republic - Wikipedia
Largest non-European minorities are the Roma people (40,370 - 300,000) and Vietnamese at nearly 1% of total population.
Denmark Danish 89.6% 5,780,516 93% Data from 2012: Demographics of Denmark - Wikipedia
Unsure if their category of "Danish descent" actually means of Danish ethnicity.
10% of Denmark's population consist of "immigrants and their descendants". Around 34% of them have a Western Background.
England White British 79.8%
White Other 4.6%
45,281,142 85.4% 2011 Census: Demography of England - Wikipedia
Assuming "White" includes only people of European descent and no one else.
Estonia Estonians 69.1%
Russians 25.1%
Ukrainians 1.7%
1,300,000 99% 2015 Census: Wikipedia
Finland No official statistics are kept on ethnicities. 5,000,000 92% In 2013, a total of 5.5% of population was foreign-born. A total of 1.9% were born in another EU state. This calculation assumes that 95% of those born in Finland are of European descent.
Source: Wikipedia
France No official data;
70% ethnic French
15% other European
56,000,000 85% In 2004, Institut Montaigne estimated that "white people of European origin" make up 85% of France's population.
33% of France's population has an immigrant immigrant background (at least one great-grandparent foreign-born). From this we can assume that around 70% of France is still ethnically French.
Slightly less than half of all immigrants for the past 20 years have been from Europe. Assuming they're all Europeans, 70% French + 15% other European = 85% total European for France.
Source: Wikipedia
Germany Germans (no migrant background): 80%
Total of EU origin: 86.8%
European other: 4.8%
74,955,000 91.6% Data from 2012: Demographics of Germany - Wikipedia
A person of "migrant background" is one who arrived to Germany after 1949 or has parents who did so.
Hungary Hungarians 78.2%
Not stated 14.7%
9,400,000 95% 2011 Census: Demographics of Hungary - Wikipedia
Largest non-European minority are Roma people at nearly 4%.
Iceland Unknown; 310,000 98% 2014: Around 98% of Iceland residents who stated their country of origin, stated a European country.
Source: Wikipedia
Ireland Irish: 84.5%
Irish Traveller: 0.65%
Any other White background: 9.1%
4,264,465 94% 2011 Census [Table 28]
Italy Italian 92%
Romanian 1.81%
56,000,000 94% 2014 Census: Demographics of Italy - Wikipedia
Not sure if those who declared to be "Italian" are Italian by nationality or ethnicity.
A significant portion of newborns (15-20%) have parents who were born abroad.
Latvia Latvians 61.6%
Russians 25.8%
Belarussians 3.4%
Ukrainians 2.3%
Poles 2.1%
2,000,000 99% 2014 census: Demographics of Latvia - Wikipedia
Lithuania Lithuanians 84.2%
Poles 6.6%
Russians 5.8%
Belarusians 1.2%
2,900,000 99% 2011: Demographics of Lithuania - Wikipedia
Moldova Moldovans: 56.8%
Romanians: 23.2%
Ukrainians: 7.6%
Russians: 5.4%
2,760,000 95% 2014 Census: Wikipedia
The only significant non-European minority are the Gagauzians at nearly 4%
1.4% did not declare anything. We assume half of those are of non-European descent.
Netherlands Dutch/Frisians: 78.31%
Germans: 2.15%
13,500,000 80% Data from 2015: Demographics of Netherlands - Wikipedia
Autochthonous (indigenous) population is estimated at around 13 million. I'm assuming they are all ethnically Dutch. Germans and Poles make up an additional 3% of population. The rest are non-Europeans.
7% of population declared "Other". This calculation assumes that they are all non-Europeans.
New Zealand European: 74% 3,000,000 74% 2013 Census
Out of all people who stated their ehnicity, 74% of them stated European. However, over 5% of people did not state their etnicity.
This calculation assumes that their ethnic distribution is the same.
Northern Ireland White 98.21%
White: Irish Traveller/White Gypsy 0.07%
1,779,750 98.28% 2011 Census: Demography of Northern Ireland - Wikipedia
Norway Unknown; 4,300,000 89% Immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents constituted 11.4% of population in 2010.
Of those with a foreign background, 48% are from Europe/North America/Oceania.
We assume that those without a foreign background are 95% European and those with foreign background are 45% European.
Source: 2010 Census
Poland Polish 97.7% 37,962,000 98.6% Data from 2011: Demographics of Poland - Wikipedia
Portugal Portuguese 95% 11,000,000 95% This assumes that "Portuguese" is an ethnic category
Immigration numbers were extremely low up until the 1990s. In 2007, 5% of Portugal's population was foreign born, and the vast majority of them are non-Europeans.
Source: Wikipedia
Romania Romanians 88.9%
Hungarians 6.5%
17,000,000 99% 2011 Census: Demographics of Romania - Wikipedia
Russia Russians 80.9%
Ukraininans 1.4%
Belarusians 0.38%
Germans 0.29%
113,860,365 82% 2010: Demographics of Russia - Wikipedia
Children of marriages bwteen Russians and non-Russians usually identify as Russians
Scotland White: Scottish 83.95%
White: Other British 7.88%
White: Irish 1.02%
5,084,407 96.02% 2011 Census: Demography of Scotland - Wikipedia
Serbia Serbs: 83.3%
Hungarians: 3.5%
5,800,000 97% From 2013 Census: Wikipedia
Largest non-European minority are Roma at about 2%
Another significant non-European minority are the Chinese at around 15,000
Slovakia Slovaks 80.7%
Hungarians 8.5%
Undeclared 7.5%
5,200,000 98% 2011 Census: Demographics of Slovakia
Largest non-European minority are the Roma people at around 2%
We will assume that all those who did not declare their ethnicity are of European origins.
Slovenia Slovenes 83.1%
Serbs 2.0%
Others/undeclared 10.3%
1,9000,000 98% 2002 Census: Demographics of Slovenia - Wikipedia
Immigration is on a rise. In 2010, 12% of population was foreign-born. Around half of those are from non-EU countries.
South Africa White: 8.9% 4,586,838 8.9% Data from 2011 Census (Wikipedia)
Not sure what percentage of those who identity as "White" are of purely European descent.
In the 1950s, White was defined as one who "in appearance is obviously a white person who is generally not accepted as a coloured person; or is generally accepted as a white person and is not in appearance obviously not a white person."
Spain No official data 44,000,000 96% 2011: 14% of Spain's population is foreign born. Of those foreign born, people from Europe make up around 40%
Immigration was very limited up until the 1990s. In 1981, only 0.52% of population was foreign born.
This calculation assumes that the Native-born are 95% European.
Sources: Wikipedia
Sweden Unknown; 8,075,000 85% 2010: 14.3% of Sweden is foreign-born. Around 35% are from another EU member state.
2014: 21.5% of the Swedish population of foreign background (born abroad or born in Sweden with two foreign-born parents)
Immigration was very restricted before the 1960s. In 1950s Sweden, a total number of people from Asia and the Middle East was around 1,000. In 2003 that number was over 300,000.
For this calculation we assume that those without foreign background are 95% European. And those with are 40% European.
Source: Wikipedia
Switzerland No official data 7,400,000 93% Immigration to Switzerland - Wikipedia
2014: People of non-Swiss background (first/second generation immigrants) made up 36% of total population.
In 1980, 94% of permant residents came from Europe. In 2013 that number went down to 85%.
This calculation assumes that 95% of those without a foreign background are of European descent. We further assume that 90% of those with foreign background are Europeans.
Ukraine Ukrainians 77.5%
Russians 17.2%
Moldavians/Romanians 0.8%
Belarusians 0.6%
46,561,205 97% 2001: Demographics of Ukraine - Wikipedia
2010 Census was cancelled. 2001 is the latest they have.
United States White - Not Hispanic or Latino: 69.1% 196,817,552 69.1% 2010 Census
"White" is defined as "A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa." (Source)
Because of that, a number of people of purely European descent is probably lower than that.